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The project includes multiple garden rooms contained with extensive natural stone walls. Each room with it’s own special character. The garden progresses from a formal garden at the house and transcends into several less formal and naturalistic environments as you move away from the house. Several elaborate water features provide focal points throughout the garden.

The Main Garden includes a cut stone raised patio with carved stone balustrades. The patio is surrounded by garden beds and opens onto an expansive Zoysia lawn. The entire area is enclosed with a quarried stone wall and includes stone edged planting beds with a wide array of perennials and annuals. At the back of the yard a sunken garden includes a display fountain that uses a computer control system to choreograph the various nozzles, spray rings and lights to achieve a variety of visual effects.

An arched doorway leads the visitor from the Main Yard into a series of walled courtyards. One of these private gardens includes a small grotto fountain built of massive boulders and rises twelve feet above the surrounding Japanese Maples, Weeping Katsura, Hydrangeas and Stewartia. The pool accompanying this fountain is specially designed and built using a unique biological filter, which purifies the water without the use of chemicals and allows the pool to be used for Japanese Koi.

Beyond the varied courtyard gardens is a naturalistic cascade splashing down the steep slope of the backyard. This area includes two boulder lined swimming pools connected by cascades and waterfalls and is designed to take advantage of the 25 feet of grade change. There are multiple flagstone patios around this pool at several different levels and a large hot tub is partially built into a cave.