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The Penguin Exhibit for the Little Rock Zoo is an exciting exhibit that focuses on the Black-footed penguins found in South Africa. This exhibit features at-grade and below grade viewing, a modern holding building and life support equipment that ensures the quality health of the birds while providing a great viewing experience to zoo patrons.



The East End Project at the Micke Grove Zoo will provide new habitat for the Snow Leopards and Small Clawed Otter of central Asia. Themed rockwork and native landscapes immerse the visitor in the habitat of these animals while selective viewing opportunities balance the welfare of the animals with the expectations of the zoo visitors. Along the exhibits themed zoo interpretive panels and artifacts educate visitors about the area of the world these animals live in and set the context for the whole visitor experience.

This master plan coincides with a planned expansion of the lake that will double the water surface area. The existing lake will be dredged to remove the years of sedimentation that have filled in this community lake. As a result the fishing potential will increase. The park has a good system of walking trails around the current lake and this trail system will be improved and expanded. The available length of trail will be doubled to 1.7 miles. Additional improvements include a renovated and expanded playground, new boardwalks and fishing piers, new picnic site, a premier picnic pavilion, new restrooms, new parking, new signs, and overall landscape improvements. The implementation of this master plan will result in premier public destination for the citizens and visitors of Texarkana.


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