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MESA, in association with Stuck Architects worked with Black River Technical College to implement a Campus wide Master Plan. Every effort has been made to unify the appearance of the campus by developing design standards related to landscape improve- ments, signage, lighting, materials and furnishings.

MESA has assisted BRTC in enlarging and improving campus parking and developing a campus wide lighting and landscape plan. The front lawn has been sculpted and planted with a variety of primarily native trees to create more visual interest and a framework for the visitors’ first view of the campus. In addition to the landscape improvements, MESA has designed new campus signage including the sculptural cut stone and flowing metal main sign located on the front lawn. Numerous "rooms" have been created throughout the campus to provide opportunities for socialization and contemplation. The new lighting plan provides optimum safety and enhancement of the overall campus. MESA has also worked closely on the addition of the new Health Sciences building and the expansion of the Administration Building. When complete nearly 1.5 million dollars will have been invested in the improvements of the campus exterior space.