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Crater of Diamonds State Park is located in the Southwest corner of Arkansas and is noted for the unique geological conditions, which have created a diamond field within reach from the earth’s surface. It draws visitors with an open invitation and slogan of "Finders Keepers" to dig your own diamonds in its 37 acre diamond-bearing volcanic pipe field.

This state park draws visitors from far and wide calling on MESA for many of their design needs. MESA was responsible for the design of two separate trails, new day - use facilities, new campground, an amphitheater, expansion plan for the diamond search area, cooling shelters and a new water play park.

The concept for the new waterplay park is to provide a contrasting cooling water feature to balance the heated and dirty activity of digging for diamonds. MESA’s sensitive design approach made use of existing site features and characteristics to create elements that are both inter- active and blend with the setting. Two water slides built into grade with 7 foot drops, fabricated rockwork design and techniques to simulate local outcrop pings, and subtle theming are design solutions that deliver this intent. The three foot deep with zero depth entry pool, interactive central feature with jets and sprinklers, and ADA accessibility make this feature open and enjoyable for everyone. The completed project opened in the summer of 2004.

The new picnic sites are scattered in the dappled shade of the woods around a newly constructed picnic pavilion. There is now a wide range of picnic sites available including single, group, and ADA accessible sites. The newly constructed campground amphitheater is completely ADA accessible and features subtle path lighting to direct the visitors to the facility in the evening hours. In addition to the trails, MESA also completed an entire renovation design package for the existing campground. This work includes new camp sites with retaining walls, furnishings and expanded hardening; new electrical, water and sewer systems at each camp site; and reshaping and locating new parking areas for camping guests.