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MESA   worked  in  collaboration  with  a  local  planning  consultant  to
develop a master plan document to assist the city of Hot Springs in the
development  of a trail  system for the city and the  surrounding  area.


The master plan utilizes loop systems corresponding, where appropriate, to themes based on either the history of the Hot Springs area or natural or man-made features. Furthermore, the system is designed around identified destinations such as business areas, schools, public facilities, and residential areas. This offers the user a chance to utilize the trails for alternative modes of transportation within the city's planning area as well as for health and recreation purposes

The development of the Hot Springs Trails will be a diverse system, which will combine various trail profiles. A large portion of the trail system utilizes the existing city streets. Improvements to street width, intersection improvements, the addition of sidewalks, and other such improvements will ensure safe travel for trail users and motorists. The remainder of the trail master plan is comprised of routes that utilize public utility corridors, private utility corridors, utility easements, undeveloped right of ways, abandoned railroad right of ways, active rail right of ways, creek corridors, and private land easements.