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Arkansas Natural Heritage selected MESA to develop plans and construction documentation to provide public access and interpretation to the protected Lorance Creek Natural Area. The unique Cypress-Tupelo wetland is only minutes away from downtown Little Rock. The Lorance Creek Natural Area represents a unique environment where several major ecological regions of Arkansas meet and the diversity in flora and fauna from each of these regions can be observed in a single location. The seasonal flow and decline in the broad floodplain provide for numerous experiences dependant upon season and climatic changes. Extensive time was spent in the field to determine the best location for the interpretive boardwalk

allowing the visitor to experience the grandeur of the wetland and towering cypress and water tupelo. Many options were considered. The accessible boardwalk provides numerous views and opportunities to sit and watch for the abundant wildlife in the area. An interpretive plan was also developed to allow local school children and educators to benefit from the project.

Many innovative techniques and materials were utilized in this project to protect the Natural Area. Providing universal access to a natural area requiring protection was a challenge, yet was

required to be opened up to the public. Best Management Practices were utilized to protect the fragile site and to protect it not only during construction but from the visiting public.